Acronyms and explanations

HK – Hong Kong (duh)

  • MOS – Ma On Shan (one metro stop away, closest place for bubble tea

IB – International Baccaleaureate

IBDP – International Baccaleaureate Diploma Programme

UWC – United World College

LPC (UWC) – Li Po Chun (United World College)

ToK – Theory of Knowledge

CAS – Creativity, Action, Service

QC – Quan Cai (CAS activities are called Quan Cais at LPC)

Zero-years – Students who have been accepted to a UWC, but have not yet started.

Firsties/First-years – Students in their first year at a UWC school

Second-years – Students in their second year at a UWC school

Third-years – Students who have just graduated from a UWC school (attended the previous year)

EE – Extended Essay (4000 words, a compulsory part of the IBDP. Independent research project within any of the subjects one is studying.)

IA – Internal Assessment

ICE – International Cultural Evening

-CE or -EC – Cultural Evening or Evening of Culture

OW – Orientation Week


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