Uni Apps & more

I feel like a headless chicken.

I’m in the process of finishing my university applications, while I’m also trying to finish (or in some cases start) my internal assessments. On top of this comes all my extracurricular planning (I’m co-leading two divisions of Students Against Slavery and the Badminton QC) and any other personal goals or aims. At the moment my number one goal for this term is simply survive while a) retaining my sanity and b) gaining a couple of IB points.

Last week, I was sick with a cold. It was a pretty bad one – chesty coughs, sneezing, headaches, you name it. Although I apparently had a HIGHLY attractive voice (as can be attested to by Simran, Maisha, Tegan, etc…). I guess there is always a positive side to being sick.

While it’s true that there are lots of academic and school-related things going on, there have, as always, been plenty of other things to think about and do!

A few weekends ago (I’m too lazy to count), the badminton girls’ team played our first and last official tournament of the year. While you may remember that we last year were our district’s runners up, this year we failed to advance beyond the quarter finals. This was mainly due to our second-years graduating and us not being able to put together a team of people who had played well together before (since the competition was so early in the school year, we did not have time to train properly for the competition). While it was sad that we were unable to match (or break) the record that we set for ourselves last year, we still had some fun.

After the match...

After the match…

Another weekend, some other stuff happened (I have no idea when this happened). On the Friday night I, along with about 20 other students and a teacher, went to see the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra perform «A Paean to Peace» in the Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. This was a part of UNESCO’s peace weekend (Sept. 21st is world peace day). You may think that Chinese Orchestras are exactly like Western Orchestras. You’d be wrong. The instruments used for a Chinese Orchestra are completely different from the instruments of a Western Orchestra – 高胡,中胡,革胡 are all instruments used. These are all string instruments, but they don’t resemble a violin or cello. It was a very enjoyable concert, despite my having a cold/the flu.

I wrote the above part of the blog post about two weeks before writing everything below this sentence. All of the days and weeks have kind of mashed together so forgive me if I jump around etc.

We also had the first Café of the year (led by the lovely, amazing, bestest tutee ever Simran (USA/India/Pakistan)), followed by the very first TEDxLPCUWC (where Karen (Colombia) spoke) and UWC day.

For UWC day, the whole school got together to make a «peace weave», constructed from old CDs and fabric scraps. It ended up looking really great!

The LPC Peace Weave.

The LPC Peace Weave.

Otherwise, I work far too many hours a day, sleep far too little and have far too much fun. Last night I went to the cinema with the aforementioned Karen to watch the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. It was a decent film – the first half was far too terrifying for my liking – and made very entertaining by mine and Karen’s sarcastic comments («you stupid girl, spread your weight out evenly. I don’t even take physics and I know that concentrating all your weight on one spot will make the glass crack faster»).

Today is the National Day of China, so it’s a public holiday in Hong Kong. Tomorrow is also a day off, so I have a whole long weekend to work on more school stuff. Oh, the joy!

Before I go, here’s a quick shoutout to the first years that I know of that (still) read my blog: my roomie Trisha, Temide, Julia and Claudia. Yo Claudia – you asked me when I was going to post another blog post – here you go!

Bye byeeeeee

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