Back at LPC – fortnight part 2

I finished my ToK presentation on Thursday. Two weeks of stressful preparation, other assessments and waiting for first-years is almost over. There is lots of preparation yet to be done – Music Night, community service presentation, activity presentation and more, but the most immediate concern has passed (hopefully, Elise and I have passed) and we are not-so-eagerly awaiting the next challenge.

Since the last blog post, I have had four assessments and two papers to hand in. I think it’s safe to say I’m a little exhausted. I find that tutor meetings are one of the best ways for me to relax at LPC – definitely because of the people in my tutor group. This Wednesday, we met up to eat pizza (veggie of course) and chat, but ended up playing a board game as usual and laughing the entire evening. Always great.

Then, yesterday, we went on a Biology fieldtrip. To begin with, it was called off due to heavy rain. Of course, as soon as the Head of Department had called off the trip, the sun started shining. I had just gotten back to my room when I got the email telling me to come back to the Biology lab to complete the field trip. Sigh.

First-years have started to arrive – I have briefly met the German firstie, the Thai firsties and Tegz’ first roommate, but most of the firsties will actually be arriving today. I am headed to the airport in just under 2 hours to pick up four firsties. Both of the Norwegian firsties are arriving today, so Magnus and I are very much looking forward to seeing them and taking them out for all of our Norwegian and Scandinavian traditions. My Kenyan roommate will also be arriving this evening, so I have to tidy my corner before she gets here (hehehe). There is a tradition at LPC to leave sweets and notes for new firstyears, so I am running around with small packs of sweets and notes to pin to doors before I leave for the airport – just in case my buddy or anyone in my tutor group arrives while I’m out. I also have to finish making the doorsigns for my room – they are supposed to have names and flags on them, but, as it turns out, I am only capable of drawing the Norwegian flag and the Union Jack – I am absolutely hopeless at the Hong Kong flag and Kenyan flag.

Roll on third term (but with slightly less work, please).


PS: Elise is really awesome and like, the best person ever.

PPS: (Elise wrote the PS)


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