Less than one month left…

So, almost exactly one month after my last blog post, I guess it’s time for another update. I’m in the UK right now, but headed back to Norway this weekend to celebrate a birthday in the family. Then, next week, I’ll be headed to see Tegan!!! Besides two or three Skype sessions, we haven’t seen each other ALL summer. Eight weeks is a long time, I swear! Really looking forward to going to see her – besides my fourth-year, Oda, and my first-years, she’ll be the only LPC person I see this summer (I think).

All the coming first-years seem really excited – at least the ones I’ve spoken to. I’ve spoken to four or five first-years coming to LPC and a few Norwegian first-years going to other colleges. They’re all very excited for the UWC experience, while some remain a little apprehensive when it comes to the demands of the IB and living away from parents. They all seem very capable, though, so I’m not worried for them at all.

I’ve made some (read: very little) progress when it comes to school-work. I have successfully completed my Geography Internal Assessment, and I now have a topic for my Mathematics Internal Assessment. That has to be finished by the time I get off the plane at Hong Kong International Airport (I framed the sentence in this way because I fully intend on finishing it while on the plane. I know.).

I had originally been hoping to finish my Biology and Chemistry Internal Assessments, but I think I may have been overly hopeful when I laid my study plans for the summer – I never seem to be in one place long enough with all the resources/textbooks I need. There’s also always people to see and places to go! I also had a 42-day Chemistry schedule – I thought that wouldn’t be too hard, considering that the summer is somewhere around 90 days long. WRONG. I’m only on Day 20 or something. In Norwegian we have an expression called ”skippertak”, which means something along the lines of a final tremendous effort just before exams or deadlines. I have a feeling a ”skippertak” is going to be necessary if I’m going to complete all of the things I had on my list this summer. On the bright side – I have almost finished my university applications, and I have a fairly clear idea of the distribution of my workload for third term. I also received some wonderful postcards from Tiffany and Cynthia (very much looking forward to reading Cynthia’s postcard) – I will be hanging those up in my corner as soon as I get back to LPC!

This weekend I’ll be headed back to Norway to celebrate a birthday, then I’m back in the UK (and seeing Tegan!!!) before my birthday and heading back to Hong Kong. Update again (hopefully) soon – I do realize that I haven’t written about Iceland yet. I know. If you don’t hear from me until Christmas, it’s because 3rd term is killing me.


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