Summer 2015. Bring it on!

I have now been back home for almost two weeks, and I have finally gotten over my not-so-shocking bout of hypothermia (just kidding – it’s cold, though). I am well underway studying and preparing for the harsh realities of third term. While I’ve mainly been relaxing, watching movies and ruining my sleeping patterns (going to bed at 3am and waking up at noon – no internet ban!, I think that sounds like a certain roommate of mine…), I’ve also been able to meet up with a few of my friends, go to the library, attend a meeting and do plenty of schoolwork. So, naturally, I’m more than ready to take a holiday from my holiday.

Seeing pictures of second-years with their families or on grad trips makes me very happy for them, seeing as they are now finished with the IB (no more paper 1s/2s/3s) and moving on to bigger things. At the same time, I have been chatting with quite a few of the second-years I was am close to, and there is a certain feeling that we could have had more time together. My end-of-year grades weren’t all that fantastic, so given that, I think in retrospect I would have preferred to spend more time eating sorbet with Cynthia, watching AHS with Angelos or laughing with Belce/Miranda/Miren/Kylie/insert name here.

I have plenty of exciting things lined up for this summer; this weekend I’ll be visited by Emma (Norwegian firstie) – we’ll be doing tourist-y things in Bergen and chatting about life at LPC. Then, next weekend I’ll be headed to Oslo to help the Norwegian national committee with the parents’ meeting. Next week is the intro-weekend for the first-years, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to go. Pre-scheduled Skype meetings and family events prevent me from going, while Magnus is still in India backpacking with Anton (Denmark). It reminds me an awful lot of last year, when our second-years also couldn’t make it to the intro-weekend. I’m hoping to make it up to the first-years, though! After I arrive in Oslo on Thursday, I’ll head to lunch on Friday afternoon with the firsties before they go off on the intro-weekend.

At some point me, my Mum and my brother will be headed off to Reykjavik for a while, then my brother and I will be headed to the UK. While there, I will be visiting Tegan for a week (Welsh pride!) and also dropping by Elise’s place for a couple of days (so we can work on Chemistry and our Theory of Knowledge presentation together). Just kidding about the Chemistry. Not kidding about the Theory of Knowledge. Then *horror-filled gasp* I will be turning eighteen – a legal adult!! Whatever shall I do?

In lieu of more to say, I will end this blog post here.

First year is officially over. Bring on third term (actually, wait, please don’t!).



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