A brief summary of the post-exam period

Time passes by so quickly here at LPC. I finished my final exams last Tuesday, and had every intention of working very hard for the remaining two days before the hecticness was set to start. Needless to say, that didn’t exactly happen. I relaxed, started packing (I’m leaving four – FOUR – boxes on campus over summer. How is it possible for one person to accumulate so much stuff over the course of a year?) and chilled out with other people that happened to be finished. Willem and I went to Festival Walk (someone insisted they had to go shopping), then the next day, Simran, Willem and I (like half of Magan’s firsties) went to Central shopping (again!), then we went to a Mexican restaurant where we had the most amazing non-homemade tacos I have ever had.

Then on Friday, we visited Ada, a Norwegian girl Magnus and I met at the Peak during the 24 hour race in November. We chatted for a while about Club Norway, a Norwegian society that organizes events for Norwegian people living in Hong Kong. On the 17th of May (the Norwegian Constitutional Day!!), Club Norway hosted an event to celebrate. Unfortunately, Magnus and I couldn’t go – the event was way out of the range of my student budget (800 HKD – about 800 NOK or 80 GBP), and LPC also happened to be hosting a mentorship day. That, and the fact that I will now be going home in 2 (TWO) days, made it not worth the money. Anyways. Norwegian food in three days.

What else have we been up to? Lots of school-organized things… As one of the leaders of Music Night next year, we have been planning the last Music Night of the year. Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving the day before the Music Night, but I have lots of faith in Ferna and the Café team. Hopefully the event (Last, But Not Least) will be a great way to reminisce over the events of this year.

I am also now officially one of the two Executive Co-Chairs of Liberty Asia Students Against Slavery. We spent a lot of time this year nailing down the organizational structure of the organization, so I’m really thrilled to be a part of it next year too. I’m spending some time this summer visiting schools in my local area in Norway to talk about slavery, so I’m hoping to have the chance to learn lots more.

A quick summary of other events… my package from Norway containing exam sweets and rice porridge ingredients for the 17th of May finally arrived at school yesterday… a month after being sent from Norway. Needless to say, I’m anxious to save suitcase space going back to Europe, so most of the sweets have been shared and are already almost gone (yes, let’s pretend that’s the reason). Due to the exams and tight scheduling, our only time to socialize seems to be the evening. Yesterday I played Cards Against Humanity in block 3 with some lovely people, then Cynthia and I ate rice porridge and wild berry sorbet (yum-yum). I finally submitted my Science Internal Assessment ideas (my Bio IA is great, but I’m a bit iffy about my Chem IA… oh well. I’ll deal with it after I check out the in-flight entertainment on the way to London).

Peace out.

PS: I’m lazy so no pictures this time. If you made it all the way to end and actually read everything: kudos to you.


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