Tutor group appreciation post – and Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

With all of my exams (finally) over, it’s time for me to write one of the last blog posts of my first year here at LPC. Biology was the last of my exams, ending yesterday at just about 4pm. Today I met with my tutor, Magan, to talk about this term, attended a talk on the history of Cambodia (specifically the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge) and then went shopping with Willem, and I’ve also had time to take all of my tokens and notes off the wall… My wall has now gone from being cheerful and rainbow-y to being the same old dreary cream-colour it was when I got here. Sigh.

The packing process has officially started – I did my laundry today (only because I’ve been stuck in the same clothes for like three days and I literally could not find any excuses to put it off any longer), and after I write this blog post I’ll be folding and packing most of my clothes – only 9 days left until I leave Hong Kong for almost 3 months!

I got into a conversation today with Willem (my shopping buddy from the Netherlands) about our tutor group and why it’s so great. We arrived at the conclusion that our tutor, Magan, is highly invested in us, and while he’s super-busy being a Physics teacher and Head of House of block 1, he still finds time to see us all pretty much every week for at least an hour. It’s also pretty great that the vast majority (not all, but the vast majority) of the tutees enjoy the meetings, and so usually we are all gathered together on Wednesdays for that family feeling you don’t really get at LPC (like, we’re all one big happy family at LPC, but it’s nice to be sitting at an actual dining table in an actual living room).

So yeah. We’ve done quite a few things as a tutor group – we’ve played plenty of rounds of Truth Hurts, had many many cultural dinners, many-course international dinner by the poolside and outings to 10 000 Buddhas and a Turkish restaurant in TST. As Magan keeps telling us, if we organize it, we’ll do it. So the schedule for next year is already underway. Here’s to watching movies on a (clean) sofa in an actual living room! Woo! Go tutor group!

Aaaaaand as the last day of first-year exams approaches, happy birthday to the most wonderful roomie ever, Tiffany!!! Even though she’s rarely awake, we still manage to have tonnes of fun (we like the same food and drink, and that’s all that matters). 我爱你, Tiffany!

爱玛 (Emma)


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