Exam stress & end of year

Maths exam over, phew… Two exams finished, only five (5!!!) to go.

Tomorrow I have Chemistry followed by Norwegian Paper 1, Monday I have Norwegian Paper 2 followed by Mandarin, and then my final exam will be Biology on Tuesday afternoon.

Even then it won’t be time to relax! Final QC reflections, TOK journals, Chem and Bio Internal Assessment proposals and a whole bunch of school-organised events. As they say here in Hong Kong, ayyaaaaaaa!

There are still plenty of things I would like to do before going home for the summer (the Peak, sleep, hang out with all of my favourite second-years, sleep, go out for a nice meal, and oh yeah did I mention sleep?).

This is it for now – time to study VSEPR and orbital shapes.


PS: I promise the quality of my English and the frequency of my blog posts will be higher after my Chemistry exam tomorrow.


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