The end is approaching

Not for me… for the second-years!

My feelings on graduation are mixed – while there are many second-years I love and will miss dearly after they leave, there are some second-years I will be cheering out of the school gates.

At the same time, I am looking forward (and not looking forward) to going home. It will be really nice to have a holiday – and hopefully a few days where I’m not working on IAs, my EE, university applications etc. – but at the same time I feel as though I will want to come back to LPC the moment the plane touches down. I realized at the end of last term that I have changed, and the people back home seem (to me at least) to have changed. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely felt a little odd coming back to a place when I wasn’t the same (and people weren’t expecting me to be different). I definitely feel very at home in this school/community, where everyone knows everyone, and secrets are pretty much non-existent. I will be leaving the day before graduation – another one of those things whether I can’t decide to be happy or sad. On the one hand, I will be going home early (yay!). On the other hand, I will be going home early (and leaving the second-years). I will also be missing Music Night (which I am supposed to be hosting – oops) and missing the opportunity to say goodbye to all the second-years. Although I suppose leaving early will be less emotional, and therefore maybe a good idea? Conflicted.

There is another dread lurking in the back of my mind – this will most likely be the last time I ever see some of my second-years, and everyone now is talking about how important it will be for the first-years to spend as much time as possible with our second-years before we leave. The whole “imminent graduation” thing seems to have come very suddenly – one minute it was Chinese New Year, mock exams and Project Week, and then the next the first-years were preparing a song for Graduation Dinner.

Graduation dinner is an annual tradition, where the school gets dressed up and gathers outside Arnett’s house (the principal’s house) for drinks before the second-years are bussed off to a fancy hotel to have a nice meal and reminisce on their two years together. While the second-years were gone, the first-years frantically rushed around to prepare things for our roommates (Tiffany and I tidied and cleaned our roommates’ corners and gave them notes and gifts), and prepared a song and balloons for when the second-years came back. The second-years were really cute – when we were having technical difficulties, they sang us “Hey Ho” – apparently, that was the song they sang to THEIR second-years after Graduation Dinner last year. When technology finally decided to cooperate with us, we sang them a song about living life and not regretting anything. Lots of crying and hugging ensued, and it took a good 45 minutes to get back to my room to change. Pictures of graduation dinner below:

The Scandinavians all seem to suffer from a mystery sickness called "Resting Bitchface". At least, that's how the legend goes... (Or, maybe, we're the original Cullen family)

The Scandinavians all seem to suffer from a mystery sickness called “Resting Bitchface”. At least, that’s how the legend goes… (Or, maybe, we’re the original Cullen family)

Me and Miren outside Arnett's house.

Me and Miren outside Arnett’s house.

Me and Belce!

Me and Belce!

Our second ever roomie photo!

Our second ever roomie photo!

US-UK fusion, according to Hannah... from left: Elise (UK/Netherlands), Hannah (UK), Adam (USA), Kylie (USA), Tegan (UK), me, Chloe (UK/HK).

US-UK fusion, according to Hannah… from left: Elise (UK/Netherlands), Hannah (UK), Adam (USA), Kylie (USA), Tegan (UK), me, Chloe (UK/HK).

Harriet made this edit of the pictures of the Scandinavians (Nordics) that sums up the truth.

Harriet made this edit of the pictures of the Scandinavians (Nordics) that sums up the truth.

Life is also tinged with some apprehension towards exams – the self-taught students, of course, have their final IB exams in their self-taught A language. All I can say is that I need to do more Paper 1’s before I’ll be ready to sit in the gym writing unseen commentaries! The second-years are on study leave now – some have been studying all day in the courtyard. Let’s hope they all get #IB45.

I just realized this was a rambling, slightly incoherent post about a lot of things. Never mind; I’m a busy girl these days, and besides – I’m sure there will be many more of these to come.


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