Wing Chun, Holocaust Memorial, CCE, Conservation Lecture & more…

Everything is super-hectic here at the moment – there is barely a week of school left before Chinese New Year (in that week I have a maths test, a Mandarin test, a Chemistry test and a lab due). Mock exams for the second-years and for the first-year self-taught students are straight after the break, and after mock exams comes Project Week. I have to finish all of my self-taught before mock exams (which effectively means within the next week as I have visitors for both Chinese New Year and the week after!). Lots of work to do. So what has been going on lately?

I joined a club (at LPC, a club is an unofficial activity – aka a weekly commitment that does not count for CAS hours) called Wing Chun (a form of Kung Fu). I have wanted to learn a form of martial arts for a long time, and I am very glad that I could learn a traditional Chinese martial art.

Last week (Tuesday) was the 70th annual Holocaust memorial day. There was an event in Hong Kong where Rick Carrier, an American war veteran, came to share some of his experiences with the people in attendance. A rather graphic film was also shown that depicted some of the atrocities found in the concentration camps after the British and Americans discovered them. All in all a very interesting event that I learned a lot from.

Last Saturday, we had Chinese Cultural Evening – a cultural evening like no other. CCE is special in that is the only annual Cultural Evening (the other Cultural Evenings are biannual). Also, mainly first-year students are involved in the planning of the event. I remember the welcome show we had the night before Orientation Week, where we were welcomed with a short show by the second-years. The thing I still remember best from the show is the Lion Dancers and the Dragon Dancers – they are always absolutely amazing, and they didn’t disappoint at CCE. Everyone put a huge effort into CCE this year (as Li Ping, my China Week teacher and the teacher responsible for CCE, is leaving to go teach at the new UWC school in China after this year), and you could definitely tell. The dragon dance routines (go Magnus!!) had my heart jumping into my throat, while the lion dancers were, as always, super-entertaining and skilled. The Cultural Evenings are usually centred around a story. In CCE, we followed an old emperor on his quest for immortality – he visited the 21st century, Mao and another emperor before realizing he had to be nice to his people, and that immortality was not what he needed.

CCE - me and Miren

Miren (Spain) and I at CCE dinner. The dress-up theme for Block 1 was technically Communist Era, but I decided to put on red lipstick and gold stars and be the Chinese flag instead.

Also, yesterday, a few people from LPC went to attend a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society in Hong Kong, Dr Richard Leakey and Dr Paula Kahumbu came to talk about conservation in East Africa – in Congo in particular. It was centered around conservation of elephant populations, and I found the talk very interesting.

In other news (aka things I should have mentioned a while ago butt hat have slipped my mind):

  • My Extended Essay subject has been decided… *drumroll*… Biology!
  • My maths Internal Assessment topic has been decided… The Enigma Code (if you don’t know what it is, check out the Imitation Game – starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley!)
  • I happen to be in Shuchi’s IP (internal performance – I think), which is A Very Potter Musical. It premieres this Sunday, and I will be playing Draco Malfoy!

To the Norwegian applicants – hope you’re not feeling too nervous! Magnus and I are both really looking forward to meeting our first-years!


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