Back to school – and homework!

After a winter break filled with friends, family and good food, it’s time for me to make my way back to LPC.

My flight leaves from Bergen at midday tomorrow, and I will be in Hong Kong at about 2pm local time (7am Bergen time). Last time I arrived in Hong Kong, the time difference wasn’t really a problem. This time round, I’ve been utilizing my holiday wisely (aka sleeping A LOT aka getting up at noon and going to bed at 3am). Hopefully I’ll make to Julie’s morning block on Monday.

I feel slightly bad about not Skyping with Tiffany (that’s one of my roommates, if anyone’s confused) – I practically forced her to open a Skype account just so that we could talk over the Winter Break, but the time difference and our sleeping habits have made talking a little bit difficult. Oh well. We shall be reunited in less than 48 hours.

Speaking of things I’ll be reunited with in less than 48 hours – homework. I have done next to no homework over the Winter Break (I have read 1/5 books and written 0/1 assignments). No Chemistry revision has been done either. My original plan was to sleep the whole journey across to Hong Kong, but I am predicting that a large portion of my flying time this weekend will be spent on A) writing my Written Assignment, B) revising all of Term 1’s Chemistry, C) re-learning all of Term 1’s Mandarin vocabulary and D) coming up with EE and IA topics. Sounds like fun? No? That’s the spirit.

See you in a few months, Bergen!


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