A (Tues)Day in the Life

This post is for anyone who is wondering what a typical (Tues)day looks like at LPC.

When it comes to school, we follow an 8-day cycle. That means that we don’t have a set schedule for Monday, Tuesday etc. Instead, we have an 8-day cycle, where we have a set schedule for Day 1, Day 2 etc. If we take the past Tuesday as an example, I had a free morning block, then Norwegian, followed by Group Block, Biology and Maths. (I also take Chemistry, Geography and Mandarin, but I didn’t have those subjects on Tuesday.

Norwegian is a very chill subject (at the moment). Technically, the name of the subject is “School-supported self-taught language”, so that means there are many people in one class, all learning different languages. In my class we have Norwegian, German, Mongolian, Armenian, Oshindonga, Korean, Dutch, Portugese, Finnish and Urdu (possibly a couple more). We have tutors who speak our mother tongue, and they basically look over the work we submit, as the self-taught course is set up so that we can prepare a lot in advance for our exams.

Morning block starts at 7.30 – no surprise that I was happy to not have morning block. Group block is a new concept for LPC, and is a block that is “allocated” to a certain subject area (for example Humanities, Maths or Sciences). We can have anything from guest lectures to tests in these group blocks.

School typically ends at 13.30. Everyone then goes to lunch, and then we go to our QCs (Quan Cais – the LPC version of CAS activities). If you’re not taking the IB diploma, then QCs basically equates to extracurricular activities.

On Tuesdays, I have 3 QCs: Campus Ecologists (Campus Service), Amnesty International (Campus Service) and Choir (Creativity).

Campus Ecologists has been very interesting – this term, we have done everything from making posters for the bathrooms, cleaning up the Green Corner and making a video about sustainability on campus to learning about composting. Feel free to go and like our Facebook Page!

Amnesty International is not an official QC for me this year (this means that I can’t count CAS hours for it), but I find it very interesting (also my roomie Lili is one of the student leaders for Amnesty, so I kind of have to go). Earlier this week was world AIDS day, so we spent an evening last week cutting red ribbons for students and teachers to wear on campus. We also arranged some activities for LGBTQ week earlier this week and have had Write for Rights Café.

Choir is my Creativity for this year! It’s a small, but fun group. So far we’ve sung Count On Me, Some Nights and Mistletoe, and performed at the second Open Day and at Music Night. Can’t wait to see what we’re going to do next term!

Sidenote: Students Against Slavery and Badminton are my final two QCs, but they’re not on Tuesdays, so I won’t elaborate.

I am not planning on changing any of my activities for next term, since I’m very happy with the ones I already have 🙂

After all the QCs are done, I will usually go shower, do my laundry if I’m out of clothes and then do homework for the next day or work on assignments that are due later in the week!



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