Change of Pace and a day out with Max

Last week, we had our first Change of Pace day. We have about four of them a year (although apparently the one we had this week is the only one that takes up an entire day). On Change Of Pace, LPC relaxes and does things non-academic. Block 1 went hiking over Dragon’s Back, and then went to Big Wave Bay, where we had fun on the beach.

The hike was really nice – it reminded me a little bit of the camp we had in orientation week. That was also described as a hike. When I picture a hike, I think of trekking through the forest. Both hikes I have been on at LPC/in Hong Kong had concrete pathways at least part of the way. The Dragon’s Back hike started with stairs, which, after having been at LPC for a month, was no problem at all. There were some amazing views from Dragon’s Back and the beach. Here are some pictures:


Willem (Netherlands) running into the sea.


Blonde Squad aka me, Harriet (Sweden) and Willem (Netherlands)

10721139_776595379046517_222263862_n 10726267_776595382379850_2114440182_n


I also went out with Max last weekend – we missed the pre-MESCA Holi event, which was a shame, because it looked like a lot of fun. Instead, we went to watch One Direction’s new concert film, Where We Are.  We ate lunch in Causeway Bay, at a quite laid-back place where I normally wouldn’t eat. It was so local that they didn’t have any forks. My chopstick skills are definitely improving, slowly but surely! They’ll never be on a par with the locals, but maybe by the time I get some visitors, I can take them to Causeway Bay and watch them struggle with the chopsticks!

I don’t have all that much to say about what has happened this week – I haven’t actually been off-campus at all this week, apart from Norwegian dinner (which was very nice – it feels weird to speak in Norwegian after speaking almost exclusively in English for a long time). Tomorrow is MESCA (Middle Eastern, South & Central Asia Cultural Evening). Looooads of my friends have been stressing for ages, working on putting together a great show. I still have to find something to wear for that…



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