Mid-term break, badminton and protests in Hong Kong!

This is the second-last day of the Mid-Term break. I wish I could say that I’d spent the week productively, but I haven’t really done much schoolwork at all (if any teachers are ready this, then I apologize for neglecting your subject).

The big protests started in Central last week. On Sunday the protesters were teargassed and pepper-sprayed by police. This week the protests continued. So far I don’t think anyone has been teargassed this week, but anti-Occupy Central people (people supporting the Chinese government) are sick of the protests, and have been stirring up trouble among the protesters. If you don’t know what the protests in Hong Kong are about, HERE is an article explaining.

The 1st of October is the national day of China, so it’s a public holiday in Hong Kong. Not very many people celebrated it in school, and the protests are still going on in Central and other less rural parts of Hong Kong. The badminton team, however, got up bright and early to attend an Inter-School competition.

The first day of the tournament was kind of “qualifying” for the quarterfinals. The girls’ team had to play against three other schools and beat at least two of those teams to advance.

LPC girls' team.

Part of the LPC girls’ team (missing Miranda, Rina and Wendy)

Against each school, we had to play 5 matches (only one set per match), and we had to win three of the five matches to win against the school. That means we had to play three singles matches and two doubles matches against each team.

Me and Miranda getting instructions from Beta, our coach (and my maths teacher).

Me and Miranda getting instructions from Beta, our coach (and my maths teacher).

We ended up winning against two schools and losing to one, but because they count the number of matches won, and not just who wins/loses, we still ended up getting the first place in our group. That made us very happy, because the best team from one group end up playing the second best team from another group in the quarterfinals. This was very good news for us, as apparently the LPC girls’ badminton team had NEVER advanced beyond the quarterfinals of this competition.

To cut a long story short, we won the quarterfinals and the semifinals (the semifinals were the most interesting matches of the tournament), and then lost the final. Which was OK, because the winners of the tournament were from a sports academy.


Happeeeeeeeee (this is the girls’ badminton team on day two plus Beta plus three people from the boys’ team)

Otherwise in this break, I’ve been learning some Mandarin, reading Twilight (I know, I know) and just generally procrastinating. It’s been good.


Until next time!


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