Orientation Week!

Hi guys!

We’re still moving backwards in time, so if I’m correct, there will only be one more post before you’re all completely up to speed with what’s been going on. As you’ve probably gathered from the title of the post, this is going to be all about arrival in HK and (dis)orientation week.

There were actually quite a few LPC people on the same flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong – me, Magnus (Norway/Germany), Eira (Sweden), Sophie (Belgium) and Karen (Greenland). None of us were sitting next to each other, though, and the guy sitting next to me refused to switch with anyone. He was also really mean and glared at me whenever I asked to get past him. On the other hand, the in-flight entertainment was good.

We arrived in HK early afternoon local time, and after almost suffocating from the heat, we made it successfully through immigration and had some fun by the baggage reclaim before being greeted by many many happy second-years. We took the school bus back to campus and took pictures the whole time.


Orientation Week is a bit of a blur, to be honest, so I’m just going to write about a couple of events that I remember particularly well. They are almost certainly not in chronological order.

Block 1 (woooh, go Phoenixes) and Block 3 went camping together (at a youth hostel). The youth hostel was in a really nice area, so naturally I took a gazillion pictures, most of which you can see below. On the evening we were there, we had a barbecue and an initiation. Most people then went to bed quite early, because we had to get up at the crack of dawn the next day in order to climb a mountain/go to a beach before it got too hot. The next day, everyone woke up bright and early, only to discover there was a thunderstorm almost directly on top of the mountain one of the groups was supposed to be climbing. It was then decided that everyone would go to the beach. The beach was beautiful, even though we weren’t allowed to actually go swimming and the weather wasn’t so great.


On another day, we went to Victoria Peak. Hong Kong real estate is expensive, but it’s still nothing compared to Victoria Peak real estate. There is a spectacular view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak. We walked along a trail that went around the side of the mountain. Then we went to the roof of the shopping mall and watched the “light show”.

We also had a Magical Mystery Tour of Hong Kong, which involved finding a place from a picture clue, then completing a challenge (like reenacting Frozen or ordering egg waffles in Cantonese) to get the next clue. ‘Twas tons of fun.

Monica's photo!

Monica’s photo!

We also had a Scandi outing – we went to the Ozone Bar, which is the tallest bar in the world. The view of Hong Kong from there is absolutely breathtaking, and it’s worth going just for the view from the bathrooms.10620795_10203394955891953_5484620444797197969_n



Other events included: music night, canteen party and INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL EVENING!!

The international cultural evening was arguably the best part of orientation week. The ICE show was preceded by a fancy dinner (in national costume) and a loooong session of photo-taking. After dinner, everyone headed to the assembly hall to watch the show the second-years had prepared for us. I’m European (woopwoop), so of course I’m going to say the European part of ICE was the best – especially the Scandinavian part (what does the fox say??).

ECE <3


This was a quick, quick summary of the most memorable parts of Orientation Week. I have almost certainly forgotten something, so this post may end up being edited soon to add things I have forgotten about.

The internet also turns off in 18 minutes 5 seconds, so I kinda have to finish here.



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