Long time, no blog post?

So, it’s been a while since my last blog post! A few things have happened since last time I posted:

Me and Morgan went to Camp Herdla for the last week of June. I canoed EVERY DAY, believe it or not, and at the end of the week my arms felt like they were about to fall off. Unfortunately, my UWC Norway bag got a little bit burnt (it was a very unfortunate accident and I’m just glad no one got hurt/ my phone didn’t explode). I shall have to see if I can buy a new one.

ch1 ch2

The day after Camp Herdla ended, Morgan and I traveled to the UK. I’m just over halfway through my stay! We’ve been busy while we’ve been here though!! We went to watch the Vixens play at Filton last week. They won 2-1, although I was told they weren’t playing as well as they normally do. Today we went to watch Bristol City vs Weston-super-Mare. We didn’t stay for the entire match, but when we left they were down 2-1. We went to get chips instead, and then we headed home to catch the second half of Argentina vs the Netherlands.


Side note: It’s unbelievable how many people are paying attention to the World Cup!! On the LPC group chat yesterday, it seemed like everyone had something to say about the Germany-Brazil match. I can already imagine the fights we’re going to have over Eurovision.

On Sunday, I went to see my cousin Lois’ end-of-year show! It was really good, and they had a couple of very cool dances. I didn’t recognize as many of the songs as I did last year, and I’m starting to wonder whether that means I’m getting old. ALREADY?? Oh no…

On that note, before I forget what I’m writing about (old age and all, never know what I’ll remember in five minutes), I shall leave and make sure I see the last 10 minutes of extra time (still watching Argentina vs the Netherlands, yes..)


PS: Today I got my first e-mail from someone who had questions about the IB and UWC. If anyone else has questions/comments, NOW IS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME. G’night to everyone else.



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