School’s officially out, and it feels great. The next time I step into a school (going back to visit my friends doesn’t count), I’ll be in Hong Kong!!! The year has flown by, and I almost feel like it hasn’t even happened. I’ve met loads of wonderful people, learned lots of useless things (that, according to my previous Science teacher, would make great conversation at a dinner party) and had lots of nice experiences. I’m really going to miss all my friends!

Look at those faces <3

Look at those faces ❤

I’m in the process of tidying my room/getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need. The amount of stuff I have that I don’t need is absolutely insane, and I don’t know what to do with any of it (so basically I’m forcing my friends to take it all off my hands).

For now, though, I’m just enjoying my summer holiday. Only 68-and-a-half days until HK! Until then, I’ll be relaxing and listening to the following song. Enjoy.

PS: It’s World Giraffe Day today, so here’s a picture of a giraffe. You’re welcome.

This is a giraffe.

This is a giraffe.


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