This weekend (almost) all of the Norwegian first years gathered just outside Oslo, at Lunde leirsted. We were joined by some of our second years, some other previous students and various guests throughout the weekend.

We had several visitors from the Norwegian National Committee, including (but not limited to) Eli (the leader of UWC Norway’s National Committee), Frode and Siv. They have previously attended UWC schools and Frode and Siv were two of our interviewers! Frode held a workshop on UWC’s mission statement:

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures; for peace and a sustainable future.

We were split into groups, and instructed to think of words we would include in a mission statement for UWC. Later, we had to create our own mission statement and vote over which one we thought was the most descriptive of UWC. My group (inTeamate) came up with:

UWC uses education to inspire the people of the world; to promote equality, create a peaceful world and pave the way to a sustainable future.

We put a lot of effort into creating the mission statement, and were very pleased when our work paid off!

Photo credit: Balder Bryn Morsund.

Photo credit: Balder Bryn Morsund.

We also had a visit from the editor of Aftenposten’s debate pages, Erik Tornes, and Josefin Ryde. They gave us some tips on how to contact newspapers, write debate articles and how to angle our stories so the newspaper would want to write about them.

Aside from the visitors, there was plenty of time to get to know my Norwegian co-years and some of the second-years. We played lots and lots of volleyball, “Hee Ha Ho” and “Yee-ha”. Nora, Gustav and I also went down to the beach a couple of times – Gustav, being his artistic self, created an awesome (and cliché) image made out of white pieces of shell and some stones! It was beautiful, though. I must admit.


Gustav’s fantastic creation. UWC ’14-’16

The highlights of the weekend, though (of course) were meeting my fantastic HK co-year, Magnus (look at that pose), and getting a UWC Norway t-shirt. It is now covered in nice messages from a bunch of my lovely lovely co-years!!

Magnus & the UWC flag.

Magnus & the UWC flag.


PS: In case anyone wanted to know, I didn’t get pulled for any exams! Now I’m (almost) officially on summer holiday, with 74 days left to go until I leave for HK!!

PPS: Today I went to the doctor’s office and did ALMOST all of my medical. I’m just missing the vaccines (getting those tomorrow) and the chest x-ray, which will hopefully be taken next week!

Until next time



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