Summer holidays

There’s only one week of school left, and, if I’m very lucky, I might not have any exams. In that case, I’ll only have two days of school left. I have officially gone into summer mode and it feels great. Apart from the weather we’re having in Bergen at the moment – it rains WAY too much.

This weekend I’ll be going to Oslo together with the other UWC girls from Bergen to take part in an “intro weekend” with the rest of the Norwegian firsties. Altogether, 40 Norwegians are going to be starting at a UWC school this year (technically next year for those at WK, but details are overrated), and I’m really excited to be meeting them all!! Unfortunately, neither of the second-years from LPC were able to attend the intro-weekend, but luckily Mai (our LPC third-year) stepped in and offered to meet Magnus and I in Oslo before we head off to meet the other first-years.

It’s a little over two months until I’ll be starting school in Hong Kong, and I’m starting to realize how many forms I still have yet to fill in! Everything needs to be sorted out preferably sometime in the next two weeks, and the amount of paperwork is absolutely insane!

In other news – I travelled to the UK last weekend to hang out with Dad, his girlfriend and her two children. We went to an 80’s pop festival called Let’s Rock Bristol. The atmosphere was great and Rick Astley was there (*faints*)! Loads of people dressed up in neon colours or really weird outfits (I saw two people dressed up as Rubik’s Cubes and another person wearing a tightly fitted England flag suit). Although the weather wasn’t always great and Dad was busy stewarding and wearing a floppy hat, the weekend was very entertaining!

Let's Rock Bristol

I leave you with a picture of Lisa (Waterford Kamhlaba ’16) and I in front of Slottet in Oslo, the day of our interviews. That was a nice day.



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